Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gourmet Foods In Malaysia: The Heart of The Eastern Gourmet

For years Malaysia has been the hot spot for tourists all over the world
who crave the hot and spicy cooking. It is also the ultimate food destination worldwide
and steps have been taken by the government to make it a global HALAL hub. People who
long for gourmet foods in Malaysia need not grumble, they can easily find it everywhere
as long as they’ve the urged to do so. The famous source for inspired Malaysian cooking
is non-other than Chef Wan, our own Malaysian food ambassador. For years now he has
been making Malaysian proud with his creative cooking tours and promotions abroad.
Today Chef Wan is one of the committee members of The Flavour of Life World Media
Festival which is the premier cookery groups on the planet. He single handedly
transformed the traditional Malaysian cooking into international icons recognized by
foreigners through the many accolades, including the Gourmand Media World Award.
Now people all over the world can access Chef Wan and other Malaysian chef celebrities
in numerous Malaysian award winning recipe books like ‘Chef Wan Mengelilingi Dunia’
(Chef Wan Around the World) and Betty Saw’s ‘Semuanya Tauhu! Lebih Dari 100
Resipi Kreatif’ (All Beancurds, More Than 100 Creative Recipes) available at leading
bookstores and the internet. The internet revolution has also revolutionized Malaysian
cooking. Now people just need to click to download Malaysian cooking on the web.
Apart from that people can also watch the Malaysian chef and Malaysian cooking in action on television through the many Malaysian cooking programmes available abroad
and locally. With the newly formed Asian Food Channel (AFC) where Malaysian Chef
Wan at the helm, people can expect the ultimate resource in Malaysian food. Even the
Famous Martha Stewart had decided to promote Malaysian cooking on her show on
February 2006, which goes to show the appeal of Malaysian foods. Nowadays many
hotels abroad have opted to adopt Malaysian recipes in their menus such as the Shangri-La and JWW Marriott, which goes to show the global impact of Malaysian cooking.

Even the Malaysian embassies often organize food events to promote Malaysian foods
abroad in support of the Malaysian food fest which is gaining popularity with the foreigners. The embassies also hold ‘Open House’ during Eid and other Malaysian festivals to celebrate their foreign dignitaries with great Malaysian cooking thus introducing Malaysian foods to the guests. The introduction of Malaysian food can also be traced in Malaysian weddings held occasionally in the various Malaysian embassies which attracted a fair number of foreigners. The Malaysian culture centre worldwide through the Malaysian Tourism Board frequently organize tea parties and dinner functions in an effort to promote extensively Malaysian cooking overseas. The gatherings always gather exceptional responses from the public as they learn of the good foods on
the offering.

Nowadays Malaysian restaurants are mushrooming overseas, like in New York, Melbourne and London. ‘Satay’ one of the most popular Malaysian dishes is a must in their menu. ‘Satay’ is marinated chicken, beef or mutton are skewered onto bamboo sticks and grilled over hot charcoal and is served with ketupat (rice boiled in coconut leave) and served with sliced cucumber, onions and peanut sauce for dipping. The ‘Satay Kajang’ franchise has opened up several branches overseas, mainly in Australia and England over the years and has become a one stop centre for Malaysian foods in these countries, especially the Malaysian traditional cuisines, rivaling those of Chinese, Indian and Thai foods, traditionally the foreigner’s favourite. Generally it’s not hard to find gourmet foods in Malaysia. Locals and foreigners only need the right resource to find the right stuffing.

Rohana Ismail is a cooking enthusiast who has been preparing Secret Malaysian Recipes since her early childhood. Secret recipes that were been passed down to her through generations of ancestors. To discover the secret ingredients that goes into a traditional Malaysian dish, please visit Malaysian Food Recipe web site today!